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Why Tanzania Day

  • Grow the brand of Tanzania in the US as a tourist destination of choice citing places like Olduvai Gorge (cradle of mankind), Mafia (the second best marine park in the world), Lake Tanganyika (deepest point in Africa), Lake Victoria (the world’s largest tropical lake).

  • Tell the Tanzanian story from the Tanzanian perspective such as the story of Mw. Julius  Nyerere and his leadership influence on the continent and world at large.

  • Expand Tanzania’s export base to increase employment in Tanzania by opening doors for exports such as Tanzanian coffee, tea, Dodoma Wine, Konyagi and other products.

  • Promote Trade and Investment through business to business facilitation  using avenues like trade missions and reverse missions

  • To bring more Tanzania cultural awareness in the US through Tanzania Day Festival

  • Create an environment that allows ease of resource sharing activities between Diaspora and idea exchange via resources such as Tanzania Day hotline (+1 817 50 TZ USA)

  • To recognize, motivate, celebrate and appreciate Tanzanians and friends of Tanzania through awards and publications.


Business Networking Event


  • Building Meaningful relationships

Tanzania Day 2018 Business Networking Event will allow you to network with business professionals from various industries and build strategic alliances and joint ventures. Quality recruiting and or referrals may be a byproduct of this new business relationship.


  • Look to build on the tools of your trade

As a business professional looking into building a meaningful relationship by attending Tanzania Day 2018 Business Networking Event, you will also find other professionals that will help you along in making your business run smoother.


  • Learning from powerful speakers

Get an opportunity to connect with key influencers and leaders as you attend Tanzania Day 2018 of which you would otherwise walk past them in the street and not stop them.


  • Recruit new employees

Meet new candidates and recruit potential candidates


*Business Professional who attends Tanzania Day 2018 is anyone who works a specific professional to earn a living or is a pursuing a specific professional.



Tanzania Day Festival


  • National identity and pride

Understand where people of Tanzania come from and learn their beliefs.


  • Teaching Youth about the importance of Culture

Tanzanian children raised in America are more Americans than Tanzanians. Allow your children to learn the importance of Tanzania culture preservation before they venture out.


  • Planning and development

Put aside your differences and focus on learning about each other while having fun.



All inclusive-After Party


  • Socialize

Spending time in the same environment can be too much for anyone. This will allow yourself to loosen up while socializing with others and boosting your mood.


Sunday Sports Activities


  • Run for a Purpose and help raise Awareness

Join the 5K bike run for a purpose. This year’s purpose is fighting against cervical cancer. *Need Tanzania Day stats.


  • Getting Fit

You will be running to get fitter and healthier in addition to running for a cause.


  • Gift aid benefits

Because running for a purpose may not be enough, you may elect to raise funds to help out a selected charity for added benefits.



Difference between Tanzania Day 2017 and Tanzania Day 2018


  1.  2017 was our inaugural event and we had some amazing milestones including finally erecting the Tanzania flag at the city hall of a major city in America. This is the 4th largest metro area by GDP in the US, it’s also in the top ten by population. This visibility and acceptance will certainly yield fruits for Tanzania in terms of increased visibility hence increased tourism and most certainly investment.


  • In 2017 we came up with a creative way to include families by having children activities during the Tanzania Festival. This outdoor event allowed vendors from Tanzania to showcase their products and services. All this was accomplished by charging a small fee to participants. In 2018 the Festival will be free to everyone and with this we anticipate thousands of Americans to be present to learn more about Tanzania to buy Tanzanian products to be sold by vendors. This is why we are inviting Tanzanians with products and services to come to Dallas for business.


  • Tanzania Day 2018 will also be different in that we will be hosting business to business meetings between Tanzania and US business leaders to introduce new partnerships and also allow for deeper collaboration between Tanzania and the US. Tanzania Day 2018 Soccer and basketball tournaments will be an event where communities can showcase their capabilities. We have also invited the Tanzania Parliament teams as guest teams to play with Diaspora. This will be the first time the Tanzanian legislators will engage the Diaspora in a more social setting to further strengthen the relationship between Tanzania and her Diaspora. On Sunday, April 29th, 2018 there will be a 5K bike ride to raise awareness of cervical cancer that has impacted Tanzanian women for a while. All proceeds from this activity will go to buying vaccines and other help in Tanzania.



  1. The slogan for Tanzania Day 2018 is influenced by Mt. Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa as well as the nation’s ambition to be the top destination for tourists in Africa as well as the fastest growing economy. This is why our theme for Tanzania Day 2018 is: Safari to the Top. Soaring to New Heights

  2. This year we have invited delegates from all continents, from Norway to Dubai, from Uganda to Australia. We believe the rebranding effort is one for all the Tanzanian Diaspora in the world.

  3.  Preparation for Tanzania Day 2018 began in May 2017. We have reached out to Tanzanian media houses to partner with us in these efforts. The same has been done with American media as well.  We presently have the partnership of US-based local radios and TV stations. To ensure Tanzania based business leaders get most mileage we have invited business leaders to express their business interests in advance so we can organize business to business meetings during their visit.

  4. In 2018 we have rolled out an innovative branding strategy through a unique number (+ 1 817 50 TZ USA). This number is intended to further the brand along with our other new asset, our website: ( This effort of growing the Tanzania brand in the US is a long term one and we would like to call on all Tanzanians to join these efforts. Our neighbors from the north have done a wonderful job branding themselves and this has been translated into a very high number of tourists and now they are about to start a direct flight from the US. Tanzania is better placed to own this space and be ahead of all her neighbors. We, Tanzanians in the Diaspora are confident that our beloved President, H.E President Dr. John. P. Magufuli will support Tanzania Day 2018 efforts as we continue to fly the Tanzanian flag in the US with utmost pride and advancing his agenda. Only us the Diaspora can tell the Tanzanian story from the Tanzanian perspective in these foreign countries that have become our second home.